Floorball refers to a fast-paced, fun, safe and affordable form of indoor honey. It closely resembles ball hockey or even floor hockey, but unlike these two it is played with modern lightweight sticks. This, together with the rules make the gameplay faster and much safer compared to the two types of hockey. That is why most schools are now incorporating the game into their PE programs. Floorball can be played on any ground with smooth surface9be it indoor or outdoor). Consequently, gyms, sports courts, and basketball courts are commonly used to play the game.

Why Floorball is the Right Choice for Schools

Lower risk

Floorball besides being safe, exciting and low cost has been proved to be such a constructive game when played in school settings. The fact it is safe means students can comfortably take part in playing the game without standing a chance of getting an injury. Other alternative sports like floor hockey have a relatively higher chance of injury. On the contrary, the design, weight, and type of floorball sticks are so safe students of all ages can safely participate in the game.


The game is also an inclusive sport implying everyone can take part irrespective of their size and physical strength. It is also exciting and as such students are highly motivated when playing the game. The high motivation translates to actively participating. Floorball is also extremely flexible; it can be slotted into regular or even as obstacle courses, relay races and in the style of conventional games like steal the beacon. Floorball sticks even come in different flexes, lengths and other characteristics that allow every student to find one that best suits them.

Durable sticks

What makes the game affordable is partially the extremely sturdy equipment. The short floorball sticks (measuring about waist height) feature a round, lightweight shaft and hence have a better grip compared to those of other games. Made from fiberglass composites, the sticks extremely tough and as such last a considerable duration to time. Besides being durable the sticks do not damage gym floors. A beginner only requires a basic floorball stick and need not bother about high-end stick features.

Develops psychomotor skills


The game is an invaluable component from growth and development perspective; when playing floorball, players constantly move around as they try to pass the ball to their teammates using a stick. The entire play has a positive impact on the development of student’s motor skills that include balance and eye coordination. The fact it is extremely easy to teach students how to play the game further promotes the development of these crucial skills
in all the players. It typically takes less than 5 minutes for learners to master al the basic rules necessary to start playing.


Interestingly, you do not need a special setting to teach or even play this exciting sport. Provided you have a smooth surface, floorball sticks and two goals you are set to play the game. The affordable starting costs make it ideal every community center, public school playing ground or college recreation center.