To play or enjoy a game best, the first thing is to understand the requirements, the basic things that it entails and the objective for every player and the fan. In every game, there exists competition. Competition is what create the thrill that keeps the fans exited.

What is Floor ball?

Floorball is a game that was developed in Michigan in sometime back in the 60s which was later modified in Sweden to what it is today. Its popularity has grown over the years to hundreds thousands of teams being in existence to date. It was first included in the world games last year.

Floorball is a game played by two teams each consisting of six participants (one being the goalkeeper). Floorball possesses some similarity to floor hokey. Players will carry along playing sticks which they use to guide, pass and hit a perforated plastic ball to the opponents’ goal area. It is an indoor game and can be played by both men and women. The playing session lasts for 60 Minutes with a break after every 20 minutes. The game is governed by the International Floorball Federation which oversees and regulates the participating teams worldwide.

Requirements for a Floorball player


Physical fitness·The basic requirement for a Floorball player is physical fitness. The playing stick used are long and one require to be fit to swing them just like in hockey sport apart from the goal keeper who does not require one.

  • The goalkeeper is allowed use his hands while within the goalkeeper’s box. However, other players are not allowed to touch the ball with their hands.
  • Being a ground game, running around is part of the game.
  • A good eyesight will aid in good body coordination.

Playing equipment

  • This includes a good pair of indoor sport shoes, a uniform which is determined by the team’s identity (consisting
    of a pair of shorts, a pair of socks and a shirt).
  • Protective wear is allowed in time of play. Bulky protective gear is prohibited, though chest pads and helmets are allowed for the goalkeepers.
  • A Floorball stick which has specific regulated standards on the length (114 cm), permitted material and weight, 350 grams being the maximum weight.
  • The Floorball itself. Being the center of attention, it has very specific characteristics. Resembling a hollow golf ball, it is spherical in shape with a diameter of 2.8 inches and perforated with 26 equally spaced diameter holes. I weigh at 23 grams on the scale which contributes a lot to the required aerodynamics characteristic preferred during play.

Requirements for a Floorball fun

  • Though out the years, Floorball has gotten a lot of support from funs. These group of people are most of the times behind the motivation that leads to success in most plays.
  • As a fun, one needs to be well behaved, full of positive energy and a favorite team to cheer for. Well, not to mention access to the game itself.