More Reasons to Play Floorball

Heard of floorball? Many people haven’t. This is an amazing game that everyone should try. The game is played with a stick and a ball, and your goal is to hit the ball into the net. The game looks like hockey. Here are four compelling reasons you should try floorball.

Four Reasons to Try Floorball

Great at Improving Coordination Skills

Unlike hockey, which requires the use of heavy equipment, floorball needs very light equipment that make it easier to work on your coordination and handling skills. This benefit is enhanced by the fact that there are just 5 players to a team, and that means you will have quite a bit of time to work on these skills before the ball ends up under the control of another player.

Coordination Skills

 Much Safer

Hockey can get a little too “hands on”, and people often end up getting elbowed and knocked down, which can lead to bruises and even cracked bones. If that is a concern for you, and it is for most people, then floorball is your next best option. With this game, there is less physical contact.

You do not have to keep ramming into other players, or fight for the ball aggressively as you play. The game is specifically designed to have reduced contact, the only thing players are allowed to hit around is the, not other players as is typically the case with hockey. Floorball is also more appealing for people who have to stay away from regular hockey because they are afraid to get hurt as they play.

Incredible Indoor Fun

Indoor Fun

Granted, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself indoors. But floorball is special in that it is quite exciting as an indoor game. The rules are very simple, and you can focus on having fun, even as a beginner.

The playing gear is easy to wield, and a diverse range of skills is required to play this game, which makes it continually engaging as you play. Additionally, a lot of people are getting into floorball, and that is because it is fun to play. Additionally, the game can be played on many indoor surfaces. For this reason, not a lot of special requirements are necessary to enjoy a round of this game. As long as you have th ball and the playing sticks, you and your buddies are good to go as you can start enjoying this game.

Great Practice for Hockey


Since floorball is a lot like hockey, but a lot less demanding in some ways, it gives its players a great opportunity to nurture skills that would make playing hockey much easier. Besides, when the weather is not appropriate for playing hockey, you can always play floorball, since it can be played in the warmer months as well.

That said, as a hockey player, you can play this game with your team mates and enjoy all the fun that comes with it. You can always practice your hockey moves with floorball, and even refine your skills for when the game is back in season.