Floorball is one of the games that is quickly gaining popularity. To some extent it seems to draw some illustrations from hockey, however, there are a couple of notable differences in this game. Despite the fact that it is quite an easy game to master, there are some basic rules of floorball you ought to learn by heart. Those basic rules will ensure you get to play the game without any problem.

Below are some of the basic rules you ought to adhere to:

Stick to the required number of players

This game is played with 5 outfield players alongside a goalkeeper. The stated number of players should always be respected and adhered to whenever a team is out playing this game. However, there is a chance you can substitute a goalkeeper and bring on an outfield player. This is usually beneficial in case the team wants to attack more. The extra outfield player will really help put up a lethal attacking team. Unfortunately, the defense will become weaker due to the absence of the goalkeeper after the substitution. So a team needs to discern before substituting its keeper. Measures should be put in place to deal with the weak defense.


Substituting players

As you know this game has a lot of running in it. Players are bound to get tired due to the running that takes place. Fortunately, there is a chance of substituting players. Lucky enough in this game, you can substitute players at any time. This helps in strengthening the team in due time in order to avoid cases of fatigue in all players. The substitution ought to take place only when the player is hurt or exhausted.

Playing time

Floorball is played under three periods. Every period lasts for 20 minutes. Stoppages occur during timeouts, goals, penalties and any other time when the ball is not in play. There is a 10-minute intermission which occurs between every period. Within that time teams are allowed to switch substitution areas and change ends. The match is officiated with two referees, all of them have even authority.


During the match

Once the game begins, there are several rules that need to be respected. For instance no going down on 2 knees to block shots, this is only reserved for the goalkeeper, no jumping, ensure you receive the ball using the stick on the knee area. Shoot while the stick is just under the waist area, sticks should not go above your waist level when taking shots. That will result in a penalty. Instances such as pushing your opponent are not allowed. Discipline should be maintained throughout the game. Tackling should be done in a safe and professional manner. This approach ensures players are protected from any needless injury.


The floorball game is not only full of fun but helps in enhancing your body fitness. Through the running that you will be subjected to as you chase the ball, you will be able to shed some weight. However, this game only becomes amazing when yo adhere to the laid down basic rules of floorball. They are a number of them and every player is expected to master them for a safer and enticing game to take place. Referees should also ensure the rules are adhered to.